Muragency_001 – The introspective illustrations of Stephen Michael Haas




Muragency – Episode 001 – The Murage Apparel podcast

Hosted by Bryan Speece, Creative Director at Murage

This episode features Stephen Michael Haas, an American illustrator, painter, and musician. Haas is known for his cartoon-like imagery and powerful symbolism. He began drawing when he was very young as a form of escapism and self-therapy. He was influenced early on by comic books and video games artists, including Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario and Yoshi’s Garden. His youthful obsession with those characters has developed into a dynamic artistic career. Although Haas is just in his late 20’s, he’s produced hundreds of commissioned pieces and over 30 murals, including street art that can be found in Baltimore, Chattanooga and his hometown of Harrisburg, PA.

Stay with us until the end for an impromptu musical performance from Stephen.

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