Muragency_002 – Exploring identity through art with Amie Bantz




Muragency – Episode 002 – The Murage Apparel podcast

Hosted by Bryan Speece, Creative Director at Murage

We sit down with artist and teacher, Amie Bantz, to discuss her artistic journey, the state of art education, and her obsession with fitness. Bantz is an American painter, illustrator, and muralist. Although Baltimore born, Bantz called many places ‘home’ during her childhood, including Chicago, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.

Throughout her early teenage years, Bantz was on track for a medical career but decided, last minute, to switch her major to Art Education. She tells us how her family reacted and how she deep-dived into the world of art. Bantz also talks about the challenges of being the first bi-racial person in her family. Including an attempt to discover her roots and personal identity. A challenge that she ultimately resolved through art.

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