About Us

Street Squared is your one-stop source for streetwear and street art news. Stay informed on happenings across the community. Whether it’s drops from the big boys, up and coming brands, or hot trends, we’re on top of it.

ST2 has its roots in street art and public murals, this is our platform to feature artists we love. We also keep you aware of art festivals around the world and major art news.

ST2 is all you need to keep up on style, art, and culture.

Editor in Chief 

James Mentzer is the owner of numerous pairs of ripped jeans that were crafted au naturel long before it became a fashion trend. He’s just as passionate about writing as being comfortable in the clothes he wears, hence, all those ripped jeans. He’s written three books and has been covering business and industry for over 30 years as an author, journalist and freelance blogger. His contributions include the York Daily Record, Lebanon Daily News and Keystone Edge ezine. He enjoys playing Ultimate frisbee, reading and hanging with his tiger cat, Razz.

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