Artist Snapshot: David Brener

David Brener loves comic books and heavy metal music.

And both have had a profound impact on his artwork as an illustrator.

 David Brener David Brener

Brener spends his days working as a web developer and designer and in his free time enjoys creating illustrations on his computer that pay homage to the comic book characters he admires and his favorite genre of music.

We profile Brener since he is the featured artist in Murage’s 2019 fall/winter collection. He created three designs that demonstrate his talent with the use of lines in his art and one non-linear piece that elevated his creative talents to new heights.

In addition to his profile, we asked Brener some hard-hitting questions for our artist profile, which we include here.

Food: Pizza

Ice Cream: chocolate chip cookie dough

Band: Metallica

Album: And Justice for All

Song: Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

Cartoon: Transformers

Comic: X-Men

TV Show: Breaking Bad

Movie: The Limey

Board Game: Monopoly

Pet: Dog

Hobby: Travel

Sport: Football

City: Boston

Author: Stephen King

Book: The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

Brener can be found on social media on Twitter, and on Instragram, and his artwork at Dribbble.

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