Artist Snapshot: Stephen Michael Haas

Mural art is Stephen Michael Haas's passion. We spoke to the artist, who has painted murals up and down the east coast, about some of his other favorite

Our first “favorites” feature is with Stephen Michael Haas, a 27-year-old artist based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

 Stephen Michael Haas with his work based on concepts from the biblical story of the Garden of Eden. (Photo by Bryan Speece) Stephen Michael Haas with his work based on concepts from the biblical story of the Garden of Eden. (Photo by Bryan Speece)

Haas is an introspective illustrator, and one can understand why the abusive relationships he endured as a child are reflected in his artwork as an adult. For him, art is a form of therapy as he addresses his past.

We get inside Stephen’s head to gain insight on his childhood, discuss the many artists who have influenced his work and analyze how his life experiences blend together to make him the artist he is today.

It is truly some heady stuff and definitely worth checking out.

This feature, however, is all about the fun and lighter side of the artists we profile and with whom we collaborate.

In Stephen’s case, it’s probably safe to say that if you talked with him a year from now that many items on this list will probably have changed, which is perfectly fine with us because variety IS the spice of life.

Although the following items were asked in the singular, many of his responses contain multiple answers, which we’re totally down with too. They really demonstrate Haas’s complex nature and just how interesting an individual he truly is.

Without further ado…we present to you… Artist Snapshot with…Stephen Michael Haas

Favorite Food – Thai, tacos and whatever mood I am in at a particular moment.

Favorite Ice Cream – Strawberry

Favorite Beverage – Coke

Favorite Band – Beatles & Phish

Favorite Song – Everything on Rumors by Fleetwood Mac.

Favorite Album – Same

Favorite CartoonSteven Universe

Favorite MovieSaving Private Ryan (although I haven’t seen it.)

Favorite TV ShowBrooklyn 99

Favorite Board Game – Monopoly

Favorite Pet (dog/cat/both) – “CatDog” (which is a cartoon character that he promptly rough sketches right after his response)

Favorite Hobby – Playing Guitar

Favorite Sport – Swimming

Favorite City – Chattanooga, Tennessee (has many friends who live there)

Favorite Author – Ram Dass

Favorite Book – Be Here Now by Ram Dass

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