Streetwear fashion trends for women

Streetwear fashion has traditionally catered to men, but that paradigm is slowly shifting to be more inclusive of women.   

From more labels carrying streetwear for women to female-owned streetwear businesses with skin in the game, streetwear fashion is evolving in so many ways. That’s especially true for women’s urban or streetwear fashion options.

 Neon can be worn so many ways, from dresses to tops to handbags and much more. Colorful outfits like these will surely light up your days and your nights.
Neon can be worn so many ways, from dresses to tops to handbags and much more. Colorful outfits like these will surely light up your days and your nights.

Urban fashion for women just isn’t limited to shirts, hoodies, and sneakers; From neon outfits to snakeskin, a healthy dose of athletic wear to styles from the 1980s, there are so many choices for women.  

No matter the look you want to create, all of these fashion statements share several things in common, according to Dimitri Diggs, owner of Urban Snob in Harrisburg, PA.

“They’re bold, they’re playful and they’re sexy,” Diggs said. “Whether hanging at home, heading to the gym or heading out for a night on the town, the current streetwear fashion trends are about creating your own look and owning it.”

Here is a breakdown of the hottest urban fashion trends to make your own this season.


Snakeskin is undoubtedly one of the hottest looks seen on and off the runway this season.

Snakeskin is one of the most prominent fashion statements – especially when mixed with neon colors.

Complimenting that snakeskin look are shoes designed by Alejandra G., whose high-end clientele includes such female celebrities as Tiffany Hines, Kristinia DeBarge, and Lil Mama.

The social media website Pinterest, during its annual prediction in December 2018 of what will be the major trends in the coming year based on search data and the behavior of its users, pegged snakeskin as a hot commodity in 2019, with searches up a whopping 642 percent. (The Pinterest 100 report covers everything from travel and food to home decor and beauty and fashion.)

 Snakeskin has slithered its way into women’s fashion, from dresses to handbags to boots, it’s one of the hottest trends of the year.
Snakeskin has slithered its way into women’s fashion, from dresses to handbags to boots, it’s one of the hottest trends of the year.

On the apparel and accessories fronts, the report predicted that trends like statement sneakers, bike shorts, and snake prints would rule—something that, only a few months into the year, had been confirmed by Fashion Week, street style, and celebrity attire.

Snakeskin is ideal for creating fabulous, glamorous and sophisticated looks. Whether it’s real or faux leather, there are so many stunning looks you can create by pairing it with everyday classics and basic garments. Snakeskin can truly make an outfit look special, no matter where you wear it.

A snakeskin printed pencil skirt drips with individuality and sophistication. It can be worn in the daytime to the office and still smokes in the evening. A wrap midi-snakeskin skirt can be paired with a crochet white sweater and caged heels, or the fashionista in you can go for a collarless white blouse tucked in a sexy pencil snakeskin skirt.

Snakeskin is also hot in outerwear and shoes, too.

All of the trends in this article are real head-turners, but nothing is more of an eye-opener than a full-bodied, sleek snakeskin coat. This garment is a perfect way to underline your individual femininity. A tailored snakeskin coat worn over a lovely dark monochromatic dress or pantsuit will set the room on fire.

A snakeskin print dress is another way to strut your fashion sense. Whether the fabric is leather or just a print, you are gonna love making it a part of your everyday wardrobe. (Speaking of dresses, midis are also the rage.)

If you’ve never stepped into snakeskin before, we recommend that you begin with some snakeskin accessories, like boots or a purse to see if it is right for you.

If you want to see snakeskin on your feet, then we advise you to try on snakeskin boots, another look that is a conversation stopper when you walk into the room and a must-have for any lady looking to light up the night.

Although you can try on many different styles of snakeskin shoes or boots, we are definitely fans of knee-high and thigh-high styles, which can easily be paired with one of your favorite knitted dresses.

Remember to make sure your clothing is colored in a neutral hue so that your boots look elegant and luxe. If you want your snakeskin look to be a little more on the subtle side, then you should buy yourself a snakeskin purse. The addition of a snakeskin purse will make your outfit look more chic and glamorous.

Snakeskin prints are definitely on fire. From coats to bodysuits and shoes to headwear, snakeskin has slithered its way into one of the fashion statements of the year.

Neon clothing

The ‘80s fashion phenomenon is back with a modern spin, covering everything from lounge wear to dresses to trousers and jumpers in fluorescent brights. So whether you wanna make a statement in neon from head to toe or just add a healthy dose of color to your look with knock-out accessories, your wardrobe simply isn’t complete without a splash of neon.

 Neon mixed with snakeskin is rocking the catwalks and the streets.
Neon mixed with snakeskin is rocking the catwalks and the streets.

Making heads turn for all the right reasons, neon clothing is a must if you wanna be the center of attention. The perfect way to inject some excitement into your wardrobe, you may as well toss aside the highlighter because these luminous shades will ensure you glow night and day.

Celebs, influencers and even your neighbors are rocking bright hues, but if the thought of wearing fluorescent frightens you, don’t fear. If you’re unsure how to wear neon, check out some videos on YouTube or pop on over to Instagram for some assistance.  

We advise sticking to a singular neon shade to avoid looking like a traffic light but remember, if you are going to wear neon, you have to wear it with confidence.

Neon patterns are especially hot with a combination of snakeskin. Of all of the fashion statements discussed in this article, the neon/snakeskin combo is really lit.

Whether a bodysuit that subtly mixes neon with snakeskin or a pants/jacket combo worn with a see-through black top underneath, this is a style that exudes beauty and a world of confidence.

Neons are truly a colorful choice no matter what you wear this year.

From canary yellow, for those daring enough to pull it off, to lime greens, dazzling oranges, hot pinks and bright blues, being this bold and this colorful will make you sparkle with style.  

Gaudy, neon jeans are hot, too, because they are different than traditional blue jeans and they really show you off in all of the right places. If all neon is not your thing, opt for a pair of neon jeans or a skirt and pair it with a top in a lighter hue for a more toned down but still fabulous look.

Don’t forget about your neon accessories. Neon sunglasses are a fun look and will add some pizzazz to your neon outfit as will a neon clutch or handbag. The clutch or handbag is a great add on to your nighttime outfits. And remember to grab some neon earrings.

Neon earrings are the easiest way to try out the neon trend without diving completely into it. They are also a cute throwback to the ’80s and depending on your own personal style, you could try crazy geometrical-shaped earrings or, if you’re more into timeless jewelry, try a designer like Kate Spade whose earrings dazzle.

Steppin’ out for the evening in neon shoes is another way to add some fun to your style. Whether platforms, heels or even a pair of snake print/neon heels, you will find the right groove with neon in your footwear. Best of all, neon shoes are an easy way to add some fun to your outfit, even if the rest of your outfit is toned down.

Workout Gear

Another hot trend is workout gear – especially in neon.

Whether you want to hang out or just look damn good, neon workout gear isn’t just for the gym. Yoga pants and bike shorts that enhance the derriere, bra tops, multi-colored windbreakers, bright yellow sneakers, and patterned leggings with a rainbow of bright neons are but a few style choices in workout clothing for urban women.

 Whether for the gym or a night out on the town, bright-print leggings will step up your streetwear game.
Whether for the gym or a night out on the town, bright-print leggings will step up your streetwear game.

In addition to being colorful, workout gear is all about feeling good about yourself and your body.

There are literally thousands of ways to pair these items, whether wearing a toned-down pair of sneakers with neon socks that match the sports bra and shorts or slipping into a pair of multi-patterned neon sneakers while you strut your style, there is plenty of fun to be had mixing and matching neon items. Even a neon sports bra under a white tee and matching shorts or sneakers is a more subtle look that still will turn more than a few heads your way.

To make a bold statement, select a pair of neon leggings or capri pants with a pair of heels before dancing the night away at a local club. This particular style oozes urban femininity while also maintaining an edgy appearance that is definitely bad-ass.  

Neons are repping into the fall and winter months via a variety of urban styles. Bodysuits to cling to your curves, multi-colored patterned drop shoulder neon sweaters and colorful neon winter jackets, which can be worn to the club with a pair of jeans, a bandeau top, and high heels or boots are sure to sizzle on a crisp fall or cold winter evening.

Neon is hot this season thanks, in part, to the emergence of styles from the 1980s.

1980s Fashion

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was a hit for Cyndi Lauper in 1983 and is certainly the anthem for urban fashion for the ladies this year.

 That ‘80s look is back in women’s streetwear fashion.
That ‘80s look is back in women’s streetwear fashion.

Bright neon prints, ripped jeans, polka dots and even shoulder pads are back, baby! Big, bold and utterly glamorous, it’s all about the excess. Big shoulders, bright colors, and plenty of statement styles are making fashion fun once again in a throwback to that era. From shoulder pads to power suits and everything in-between, some of the 1980’s major looks are making a comeback in fashion.

Wearing a power suit was the trend for the ladies in the 1980s with extra padding to take pumped-up shoulders to bold new heights and dimensions.

Today, big shoulders are an excellent way to add a touch of that unapologetic ’80s attitude into your wardrobe. You can choose between jackets, blazers, and coats with imposing shoulder silhouettes to try this trend. Just remember to keep your waist defined with a belt or by buttoning up to avoid appearing swamped in the fabric.

Summertime and the ‘styling’ is easy

That’s not exactly how the lyrics go, but you get the idea. The living is indeed easy this summer when it comes to urban fashions for women.

 Daisy Dukes have taken on a new look with ripped, lace-up, which are shown here, and thong styles.
Daisy Dukes have taken on a new look with ripped, lace-up, which are shown here, and thong styles.

Another particular bold style that speaks volumes about your femininity and confidence is a distressed pair of Daisy Dukes shorts. Flashing just a little bit of cheek, these shorts go with just about everything. Pair with a big belt, a short or long-sleeved bright pink or other neon top and heels to create a devastating smokin’ look. If feeling a little bolder, the shorts would compliment a cropped shirt or top.

Coming back to snakeskin for a hot second, those prints are also taking women’s swimwear by storm.

Snakeskin swimsuits come in a number of two-pieces styles, including bandeau, bralette, and shoulder tie underwire top, and high-leg cut, symmetrical, one-piece shell prints are also quite sexy. Whether lounging by the pool or hitting the beach, this style outshines the sun even on the brightest summer day.

Look for suits that accentuate your beach accessories, whether that be your sunglasses, beach towels or your beach bag.

Go-to streetwear styles

Jeans and leggings are not on this list because they, quite frankly, never go out of style.

 A pair of jeans and a cute top always ensure a fashionable streetwear look.
A pair of jeans and a cute top always ensure a fashionable streetwear look.

A basic denim pair of jeans matched with a button-down, collared shirt in the shade lighter than the denim wash is always an awesome casual look. This outfit can be worn for just about any occasion and you will always be dope toolin’ around town in this outfit.

Leggings have become and will continue to be a staple of a woman’s wardrobe for years to come. And why not? They are uber casual, fit like a glove and can be worn for any occasion and pair nicely with just about everything. Whether worn underneath a dress or matched with a cute top, leggings are here to stay.

A pair of black leggings, cute top and heels work for a day out shopping, a date with the boyfriend or an evening of fun with the girls. Or, pair your leggings with your workout gear and hit the gym in style. Even pairing jeans or leggings with a tee in your favorite streetwear brand is an undeniably hot look to that is sure to get your compliments.

When it comes to an urban look, women no longer have to resort to shirts made for men or the “boyfriend tee”, with many streetwear brands now offering their staple designs in a ladies cut. Whether it’s a fashion fit graphic tee or branded scoop neck, you can look both cute and casual in today’s streetwear.

No matter what urban look(s) you make your own, one thing is certain: street style never looked so great!

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