What brands of jeans do rappers wear?

Rap music and denim jeans have been inseparable since the music genre took off in the 1970s.

Although jean styles have changed over the years, the one constant has been the on-going love affair between hip-hop stars and the jeans they wear and love to sing about.

Here’s our rundown on some of the favorite jean brands worn by rap artists today.

Snoop Dogg

Perhaps no one in the world of hip-hop reps the relationship of denim and the music more than Snoop Dogg, who has been labeled the “Doggfather of Denim.”

A core piece of his wardrobe, Snoop is known to have a soft spot for Dickies, and in his early days appeared in ads for Cross Colour jeans, serving as a spokesman for the company along with Dr. Dre.

Like many of the artists on this list, Snoop has a line of denim named after him. A vintage pair of Snoop Dogg jeans can be had for a mere $35.

As classic as the artist himself, a pair of vintage Snoop Dogg jeans can be had for $35. (Photo courtesy of Poshmark)

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)

Childish Gambino is not a big fan of jeans or denim. As one of the more stylish rap artists, Gambino prefers fine threads over more casual attire. That doesn’t mean, however, that he won’t slide into a pair of jeans now and then. 

He does wear jeans when he performs and was spotted at the recent edition of Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in the nation, wearing a pair of ripped jeans with a ZZ Top T-shirt during his performance.

When not on stage and in his rap alter ego of Childish Gambino, Donald Glover is known to wear Saint Laurent’s mid-rise, deluxe blue ripped skinny jeans.

Donald Glover isn’t big on denim, but he will wear jeans while performing as
Childish Gambino.


Drake is undoubtedly one of rap’s most fashionable artists. After all, not every artist has blogs informing readers on how to dress like them nor websites dedicated to telling readers what is in his or her wardrobe. Drake’s fashion style is one of the most copied in the world of hip-hop.

The website The IdleMan had this to say about Drake’s love of denim: “Probably one of the most defining things about Drake’s style is his choice in jeans. The most important thing to remember about Drake, and almost all rappers, is that they do NOT wear skinny jeans. Slim jeans are the only style to go for and are a long-time favourite in hip-hop culture – so if you’re a lover of the skinnies maybe it’s time to mix it up a little…When it comes to colour, Drake will usually go for a darker shade when on stage and a light blue for his everyday wear. He’s one of the very few stars that can actually pull light blue jeans off – he does this really well when paired with light pinks, white T-shirts and hoodies.”

The many styles of Drake include a variety of jeans and comfortable sneakers. (Photo courtesy of Nice Kicks)

Travis Scott

With over 10 million Instagram followers, Travis Scott is the King Of Cool when it comes to streetwear and fashion, and has the reputation of wearing what he damn well pleases. It doesn’t matter if he shows up in all black or wears clothes that don’t match, Scott is a trendsetter unconcerned with public opinion.

No one else can rep the Grunge look with a hoodie, band T-shirt, Vans and pair of jeans like Scott, who has nearly single-handedly kept alive that fashion movement. When he’s not rocking the stage to the delight of his fans, Scott reportedly spends his free time as a part-time fashion designer. 

As Nicekicks.com noted: “Travis Scott is clearly one of those uniquely gifted individuals that can just take every single trend that’s going on at once and appropriate it into the same look,” which is a talent we’re sure he puts to good use when he is designing clothes.

Travis Scott has been noted as someone who can appropriate various fashion styles and make them his own. (Nice Kicks)

Swae Lee

Noting that his love of fashion began when he was born, Swae Lee seeks coordination and matching outfits when putting together his wardrobe. He’s also another hip-hop artist who caters to his own individual tastes, refusing to have his fashion sense be categorized or labeled as being similar to other singers.

He is on the record as being a big fan of Louis Vuitton,Nike, and YSL, and prefers “fly shit” and “liking what he likes” in fashion.

Over at Spotern.com, that website has identified several different kinds of jeans that the meteoric singer and fashionista has posted to his Instagram account. He was photographed in a nearly $500 pair of Saint Laurent leopard velvet skinny jeans, A Bathing’s Ape’s (BAPE) 1st camouflage Bapesta track pants in yellow and a pair of Louis Vitton’s Kim Jones indigo monogram regular fit denim jeans, which cost a cool $3,013.     

Swae Lee posing for an Instagram photo while sporting a pair of patterned jeans.

Post Malone

Post Malone is yet another artist whose fashion style is all his own. From donning cowboy gear to sweats and bright outfits that run the spectrum of colors of the rainbow, sometimes within the same ensemble, this non-traditional artist’s style can’t be pigeon-holed, either.

Not only is Malone one of the hottest artists on the charts today, but his fashion “brand” is being courted by some of the biggest names in the business.

The eyewear brand Arnette recently signed Malone as their new spokesperson and will include a pair of glasses that will be sold exclusively through SunglassHut.com. He is also known to be a huge fan of Crocs, with plenty of pictures showing him wearing these comfortable shoes. His collab with the footwear company last year literally sold out within minutes. He also partnered with a limited-edition merch line with Bud Light in August of 2019.

He’s been known to favor Gucci, Amiri and Saint Laurent black denim jeans, as noted in the #postyfits Instagram account, which highlights the clothes he wears as posted to the social media site.   

Post Malone sported a pair of black denim jeans at the recent Grammy Music awards. (Pinterest)

21 Savage

The Atlanta-based rapper says he’s mostly into “plain-jane” shit and has a could-care-less attitude toward fashion – except when it comes to large festivals where he’ll be performing. Like most artists, he’s just at ease wearing sweatpants and a pair of sneakers, but that doesn’t mean he eschews comfort and swagger when stepping out in public.

In one post on Pinterest, Savage is shown relaxing in a JW sweater along with a pair of distressed black jeans by SSENSE, an e-commerce and brick-and-mortar luxury and streetwear retailer based in Montreal, Canada founded in 2003 by three brothers: Rami, Bassel, and Firas Atallah.

Savage has also been photographed in Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Saint Laurent jeans at those respective designer’s fashion shows and a popular pix on the “net shows Savage donning a white pair of distressed Amiri jeans as he leans on his Porsche 911.

Putting a brand name in a song certainly has a huge impact on fashion. A relatively new brand that’s been out about five years, sales of Amiri have recently exploded, according to Korean hip-hop artist turned fashion designer Mike Amiri.  He said Georgia rapper Gunna mentions “my jeans Amiri” in a song and that sales have hit the stratosphere since the song hit the charts.

Savage 21 poses for a photo in a pair of distressed black denim jeans. (Shopstyle.com)

Cardi B

Besides nearly solely making it fashionable to wear jean shorts, the many styles of Cardi B include various types of denim, in both pants and skirts. 

The stealherstyle.com website lists Cardi in a number of eye-catching and stylish outfits that she’s been seen wearing while hitting the town.

One post says Cardi B was “spotted out and about in West Hollywood wearing Jacquemus Le Haut Azur Long Sleeve Crop Top ($799.00), a cropped Balenciaga High-Waisted Midi Skirt ($2,545.00), a custom Sarah Sokol Hat (not available online) and Amina Muaddi Olivia Glass-Heel Tall Leather Boots ($1,235.00).

This is, of course, in addition to her own line of clothing, which includes a variety of jeans from the Cardi B Collection as featured on Fashion Nova. The collection includes over the top high rise denim shorts and medium blue wash boyfriend distressed jeans to pair with a variety of tops, among literally thousands of choices in denim. 

Two items from the Cardi B collection feature the Canadian Tuxedo, a look that combines denim in the tops and bottoms of an outfit. (Pinterest)

Nikki Minaj

Cardi B and Nikki Minaj may have feuded in the past, but they do share quite a bit in common in the fashion world. Minaj has her own line of clothing and is seen quite often in very tight-fitting and outrageous outfits.

At stealherstyle.com, Nicki Minaj is noted as posting a “new Instagram photo earlier this month, wearing an Alexander McQueen Cardigan (sold out) and a pair of J Brand Zion Jeans ($248.00).

No matter what style of denim jeans you may prefer, you can usually find it in the Minaj collection – assuming that particular item isn’t sold out! Her collection includes everything from low-, mid-, and high-rise to skinny, distressed and every style in-between.

Minaj is also photographed quite often sporting jeans, whether in a fashion shoot for her line while running errands or performing on stage. Regardless of the moment, Minaj always looks comfortable but stylish in the jeans she wears.

Nikki Minaj’s collection of denim consists of styles and designs to please any taste. (Poshmark)

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